Re: Bright New Day Reconciliation Circles

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Dear Alfred,

Re: Bright New Day Reconciliation Circles – INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE

Lately we’ve seen a variety of messages that touch on the relationship
between Aboriginal people and other Canadians: A suicide pact surfaced among
Aboriginal school children in Vancouver. Wally Oppal reported on missing and
murdered women.  We heard of Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike and the
unprecedented dialogue Idle No More has begun with all Canadians. Meanwhile
a federal court ruling suggests that the number of constitutionally
recognized Aboriginal people in Canada could double.

This is fertile ground. It begs us all to revisit the founding of Canada –
go back to how it actually began, understand the history there, and find
ways to move forward as equals.

In the midst of these activities Bright New Day Reconciliation Circles
continue quietly bringing Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people together to
engage in dialogue that highlights our shared history and helps dismantle
walls of isolation that often define our communities.

We invite all Canadians to participate. Please see the attached invitation
from Chief Robert Joseph and visit the Bright New Day website, , for additional information and updates.

Thank you,

J. McCandless
Chief Robert Joseph & Associates | 604.984.4090

Author: Alfred Lee