Revival Conference with Darren Stott 영성집회

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강사님은 시애틀 부흥센터의 담임 목사인 대런 스토트 목사님이십니다.

젊은 세대의 영성 지도자로 성령의 임재안에 말씀 전하며 초자연적인 

믿음의 사건들이 일어나는 것을 경험합니다.

Darren Stott, is the 31 year old Pastor of Seattle Revival Center, a revival church located in Newcastle, Washington. Despite swearing that he would never be a pastor, he decided to say yes to the call of God on his life and is now a third generation pastor, licensed with the Assemblies of God. Darren has traveled throughout Indonesia, Germany, Ireland, Wales, and Australia, daring young people to JUST SAY NO to the seduction of powerless and empty religion and worldliness, and to enter into an intimate and powerful relationship with Jesus Christ. Darren is a key leader in raising up emerging supernaturalists who are committed to community, evangelism, justice, and restoration. His greatest joy, outside of Jesus, is being married to Andrea and being a dad to Abigail Rose, and Peter Joseph.

Date: March 22- 23, 2012 (Friday 7:30pm % Saturday 10:30 am)


Author: Alfred Lee