Pastor Ohm from South Africa

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Beloved Rev. Alfred Lee

Our Lord lives. The Lord will realize World Mission. Africa will become
God’s Kingdom.

To Rev. Alfred Lee, who supports us and works with us with the greatest love
and prayer for missions in Africa.

The Lord is victorious. The support in prayer and monetarily after our last
prayer letter, has made it possible for us to print 500 sets (5000 copies)
for the pastors’ training program and is being sent to Africa. Through you,
our many partners in Christ, the Lord has once again declared His victory.
Thank you so much. Many places who were postponing their programs due to a
lack of books will now begin their programs to train pastors in the Word of
Christ. Also, the 40 programs that had already begun, will now function much
more smoothly. 500 Pastors will be renewed in the Word. My humblest dream is
that the gospel will become ingrained in them and that they will spiritually
mature… that the churches they serve will become strengthened through the
power of God’s Word and that they will be soldiers for Christ… that they
will be sharing and caring for neighbors in hardship… that many will seek
the church to find healing for the many sufferings that the souls of Africa
had to endure… that all will rid themselves of the ancestry worship and
find Jesus Christ… that they will proclaim the Kingdom of God and will run
towards and serve what is eternal… The Lord will realize all this and

Children’s camps and Youth Camps are being held. This month, 131 children
were invited and enjoyed a fruitful and thankful time over 3 days. They
prayed and learnt the Word. The children are fascinated at the new
experiences. The first time sleeping on their own bed; the first time being
served food by adults and eating before them; the first time showering as
they have only ever washed with water in a big basin. So many first
experiences. Most importantly, they also experience and learn how to live as
a follower of Christ. One child learns of Jesus’ love, and applies it by
sharing with a friend as an expression of love. The way the children jump up
and down singing and praising, and playing games… Lord who loves these
children! These are Your children. Children, born to be loved. They are also
Your disciples. Please Lord! use them to share the love they have received.

I have been taking sabbatical this year since May and will not be in South
Africa for approximately 5 months. It is my first in the 17 years I have
been in ministry. Through prayer, I wish to visit African Leadership Canada,
Germany, and South Korea to share and ask for prayer about the future of our
ministry. Also, it is a wonderful opportunity to reunite with the many
short-term missionaries who came through South Africa and learn and share
how they are living the Kingdom life. I am praying and planning to go to
Canada and the US for 2 months, South Korea for 2 months, and several weeks
in Germany. Though we will be absent from South Africa for an extended time,
our many missionaries are working fully in Christ and will extend the
ministry and God’s Kingdom. Please pray that this time that God has allowed
would be a time of getting more intimate with God and a time of learning
more of His heart. And also that African Leadership would become more and
more a reflection of God’s family.

Prayer requests:
1. We are looking for supporters for the children and youth camps. It costs
approximately $2,000 to support a camp of 100-150 children. Approximately
$15 a person. We are planning 8 more camps this year. Please pray that there
will be more financial and prayer supporters for these children so that they
may truly meet Jesus.
2. A creche is being built in Transkei. It is at the Sixanti  area. This is
an area where ancestry worship is ripe. There are only a few families who
have accepted Christ. Please pray that a church will stand there, that the
creche being built will be a tunnel of blessing where the children can be
introduced to Jesus Christ.
3. Last week, the “I’m Precious to Jesus” campaign took place. Hundreds of
children walked the street wearing shirts with the words “I’m Precious to
Jesus” written on them. They campaigned against child rape. Also, they
carried around small story books which stories emphasized the importance of
children. Lord! These are Your precious children. They are the future of
4. That we would be able to share with God at a more intimate level during
his sabbatical. That we would be able to look back on the 17 years the Lord
has blessed us and look upon the works that God has done, and look into the
direction God is leading us towards. Also that God will protect and lead
Aaron and Priscilla who are studying in Africa.

For the Kingdom
Young, Young ae, Aaron, Priscilla  missionary family


Author: Alfred Lee