“Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund”

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Let’s respond to Devastating Nepal Earthquake.

VRC would like to collect your donations to help Nepalese people on this coming Sunday, May 10th, your donations will be matched by the government of Canada, and send to PWS&D (Presbyterian relief agency)
PLease read the below and pray for the people in need.

On April 25, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal. This is the worst earthquake the country has experienced in 81 years. The devastation is immense—the death toll has exceeded 6,000 and over eight million people are affected by the disaster. People are living without secure shelter or access to basic water and sanitation services.

PWS&D will be responding to the earthquake through our existing networks and coalitions—including the ACT Alliance—to provide for some of the current major needs, including food, water, shelter and psycho-social support.

ACT Alliance members on the ground are providing immediate relief and determining what the greatest needs are as they plan their response.

Respond with us!
PWS&D needs your support to respond to the earthquake. Your financial support will bring relief to those suffering after this devastating disaster.

For all eligible donations made until May 25, the Government of Canada will contribute a matching amount towards Canada’s “Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.”

Author: Alfred Lee