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Dear Rev. Alfred Lee

Merry Christmas! Greetings from South Africa with the Joy of our Christ
Jesus¹ birth. It is already my 20th summer Christmas, where we celebrate in
shorts and sing ³dashing through the snow.²

With Christmas approaching, the community leaders have asked us to share the
love and hope of Christmas with 127 families by sharing food parcels to last
them through the festive season. These families are those that are
unemployed and are struggling to put food on the table for their children.
Although financial hardships are the reality of all our communities, these
families were picked by the community as those truly in needŠ I give thanks
for these community leaders who look out for those living amongst them.
Their willingness to ask for help on behalf of those who are struggling
warms my heart. Before sharing the food parcels, they asked me to say a few
words. I prayed, ³ Lord! If you were here what would you say? To those who
have rushed here at the sound that food will be distributedŠ² I began to
sing: ³Let us walk together, let us walk together to the father¹s house, to
the kingdom of God our father¹s house.² Everyone had smiles on their faces
as they danced and sang praise to the lordŠ We ended off with a second song,
my favourite (akekho ofana noJesu), ³I need nothing else but you Jesus.²
Lord, have mercy on these people, show them your love, give them your hope
so that they will be able celebrate this Christmas with joy and peace that
comes only from you. To African leadership Germany, Canada and Korea, we
thank you for supporting this ministry this Christmas.

To close the children¹s church ministry, we gathered together at the African
leadership center with our 70 teachers to sing praise, share his word and to
have fellowship together. Seeing all our teachers who are predominately
teenagers, i know that this ministry happens through the Lord. Thousands of
children, along with these teachers gather together to sing praise and hear
his word. It is through the commitment of these teachers that this ministry
is possible and I praise the Lord who works through them. These teachers and
children are the future of His kingdom, they are His people and the ones who
will build His kingdom on earth. I pray that through these teachers and
children God will continue to build his Kingdom, one of forgiveness, one of
love, one of sharing and one with tolerance and serviceŠ

Please pray with us:
1. As Christmas approaches, many people in Khayelitsha return to the rural
areas to spend time with their families and as a result Khayelitsha seems
rather quiet. However as the Lord does not rest, we will continue door to
door evangelism. Please pray that we will be able to truly proclaim His
kingdom through this ministry.
2. In South Africa, the new academic year will be starting up in January.
Some community leaders have requested our help in buying school uniforms for
120 children whose parents are unemployed and are unable to afford this. In
order to buy one child¹s uniform (including a shirt, pants/skirt, blazer,
socks and shoes) will cost $25. Please pray that God will provide us with
people to support this ministry.
3. We are in the process of completing the 3rd and 4th school construction
in Madagascar. Please pray for a smooth finish to the construction process
and for the opening of the school in February. Further, the lord has
provided us with the funds to start building the 5th school ³Ambabarano²
where the rains had washed away with old school building leaving the
children in the area no place to learn for the last few years. Praise the
4. We are in need of pastoral training guides for the pastor training
program in Zimbabwe. This year we were able to provide them with 100sets of
training guides each containing 10 books allowing around 100 pastors to
learn and graduate from the program. Pastor training is much needed in the
society where prosperity gospel is the predominating teaching Christians are
receiving. Next year they are in need of 300 sets to train 300new pastors,
to print each set of 10 books costs $20. Please pray that God will provide
us with partners to support this ministry.
5. We thank the Lord for all the work he has done, the blessing he has
poured and lessons he has taught all our missionaries and local
co-ordinators and pray that in 2016 we will be able to truly focus on the
Lord, His will, His plans and methods and that we will do His ministry by
His strength.

For the Kingdom!

Missionary Young Ohm

African Leadership
P.O.Box 72053, Old Orchard P.O., Burnaby, B.C. V5H 4P9 Canada

African Leadership
P.O.Box 36077, Glosderry 7702, Cape Town, South Africa.

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Author: Alfred Lee