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Supernatural Kingdom Conference with Isabel Allum

Join us for this wonderful opportunity to be trained into the prophetic ministry

through Isabel Allum: hear the voice of the Father’s heart imparted and receive

and record prophetic prayers that will open your eyes to see your destiny.

August 19 – August 21, 2019

@ Vancouver Revival Centre

3-19040 Lougheed Highway, Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada

Registration Fee: $45 (Please register early, $55/at door)

5 Sessions with Isabel Allum

. Monday August 19 7:00pm

. Tuesday August 20 1:30pm

. Tuesday August 20 7:00pm

. Wednesday August 21 1:30pm

. Wednesday August 21 7:00pm

Isabel has an international prophetic ministry and travel on a regular basis, to many places ministering to people as well as training and equipping them in how to hear the voice of God, how to prophesy, how to activate their gift and prophesy from the Father’s heart, how to enter into the levels of third heaven revelations, dreams & visions, prophetic evangelism, prophetic worship, prophetic strategy, how to enter in and live their prophetic destiny, and much more. She also help pastors and leaders get vision, direction, and strategy for their ministry, their church, and for the destiny of the people under their care. As a result, many churches have been transformed and are fulfilling their destiny on earth. Ivan and Isabel are the authors of the book “YOUR DESTINY….. Unlocking the Impossible Promises of God”.†

How to hear God’s Voice

All are called to hear God’s voice. When we focus on how God speaks to us it is easy to hear his voice. It is important to hear and focus on his voice instead of listening to the confusion that comes when we try to hear Him. Hearing the voice of God comes out of relationship with Him. As we get to know Him, He shares his heart with us and then his voice becomes familiar. In order to prophesy we must know his heart, because the Father’s heart is the source of all prophecy. Ivan and Isabel in a simple and practical way teach people how to get there. †

Prophetic ministry

What is the prophetic and what is the difference between Old Testament and New Testament prophets? How do you know if you are a prophet or just have a prophetic gift? What is a false prophet? How about words of correction? What is the difference between training prophetic people and “grooming” a prophet? What about your character? How do we grow in the prophetic and overcome hurdles? What do you do after receiving a prophetic word? How do you develop prophetic strategy? How do you enter into your prophetic destiny? How can your prophecies release the Kingdom of Heaven in your life today? What should pastors and leaders do when people receive prophetic words? What is the pastoral heart of the prophetic? How do we raise and pastor the prophetic around us? These are some of the questions that are commonly asked. Ivan & Isabel address these and other issues for the local church body. †

Prophetic Activation

Prophetic activation is simply jump-starting the prophetic utterance which is inside. This is one of the most exciting experiences for those trying to harness their prophetic gifting. Ivan & Isabel bring-in a very practical setting and an exciting experience for those who wish to go deeper in the prophetic and those who feel they are not prophetic at all. Their strong gift for imparting the anointing is when people spend time with them. After participating in a session of prophetic activation with Ivan & Isabel people find themselves prophesying with an ability to test each “word”. Ivan and Isabel also provide personal mentoring and training to those who want to grow further and to those who are already ministering prophetically but face the challenges of learning how to go deeper and further in their ministry so they can reach the “next level”. They have the ability to teach people how to break through and grow in their ability to prophesy and to groom those who are called to a prophetic ministry. †

Author: Alfred Lee