“수정같이 빛나는 생명수의 강”을 이루기 원하는 교회입니다.
어린 양의 옥좌로부터 흐르는 생명수의 은혜가 충만한 믿음의 공동체,
21C 두 문화 권을 이어 새 시대를 열어 가는 비전의 공동체입니다.”

“We hope to be a blessing to you!”

it’s about connection.

A shy woman who has recently arrived in Canada from Korea attends conversational English classes run by the church. She makes new friends and gains confidence in speaking the language of her new country.

It’s about interaction.

A Korean-Canadian teenager worships with his grandmother on a Sunday morning. Together they enjoy a service that bridges old world traditions and Canadian culture. Both feel welcome and comfortable in this setting.

It’s about transformation.

A man searching for meaning in his life is invited to join one of the small groups that meets weekly for Bible study and fellowship. The support he receives and the spiritual growth he undergoes are life-changing.

Soojung’s goal is to bring together Koreans who live in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody, with a special emphasis on Korean youth and Korean-Canadians.

The church seeks to provide loving care for the entire church family, making available a ministry team and trained caregivers who offer spiritual assistance or physical aid to anyone in need.

It desires to reach out with the love of Christ to the community and to the world. It supports the local native mission and gospel mission centre and serves in various ways at the hospital, university campus and seniors’ homes. It also faithfully supports Presbyterians Sharing…

Our gifts to Presbyterians Sharing. . . help The Presbyterian Church in Canada to grow new churches in places where the need is great. Because of our support, Rev. Alfred Lee and the congregation of Soojung Presbyterian Church are making connections in the community so that lives may be transformed through Christ. They continue to live their mission statement, to “let the people know Jesus, and share their joy in Him.”

It is our sincere prayer that our church be a place of flowing living water of Life through the teaching and preaching of the words of Jesus Christ.

It is our sincere prayer that our church be a place of transformation in Christ. If we do not change, remain our old nature, what good would come to our life and our community? The first miracle of Jesus in Cana has taught us significant meanings in our ministry.

Everybody is looking for abundance and a more tasteful choice of wine in life. But the question is where we can get that choice wine, it seems to be the better wine that we are holding on is running out. Actually we are facing “that there is no more wine.” There is no joy in life, no meaning in life, any purpose and goals in our young people’s life. In this perishing generation, where can we get the living water to satisfy our young people’s hearts?

It is our sincere prayer that our church be a connecting church; bridge the two generations and two languages, two groups with different identities. It is possible when we come to Christ searching for transformation. As we start new church in this dawn of 21 century, our prayer is to be connected to Christ and interacted, and be transformed in Christ.

Let us call the people that God has formed to praise His glorious name, so that they may come to praise Him the most High. God has turned nothingness into abundance, water into wine, sorrow into joy, burdens into freedom. Our God is mighty God, who changes completely from inside out and top to bottom. He will mold us as He wishes. We will be witnesses of His great love, and His touch in our life.

Let our church be the story of His first miracle. We trust in only God’s words, God’s wisdom and His promises. He will not fail us; He will help us, who will hear our prayers in the morning. We will rise up for the generations and the cities to proclaim that the Lord is good; indeed he is good like the choice wine.

Let the river of the water of Life be flowing from the sanctuary of our Soojung church and from the hearts of the people of the young generation as they seek to be pure and holy in His sight.
We praise His mighty work to bring our church in place on the rock of the people, who are willing to challenge with new vision to be transformed in Christ.

It is our fervent prayer that we be his instruments to bring our young people and lost souls.
This is our voice, to communicate our vision in Christ to the people in need, which is experiencing lacking and shortages in life, no purpose in life; we invite those people to the River of the water of Life.
Surely we will experience joy and happiness in Him. Let us build together His Kingdom. Let us be the blessings that shine upon others. “Let the people come and tell their joy in Him.”


Rev. Alfred H. S. Lee,
Pastor of Soojung Presbyterian Church